The Human Rights Clinic of Miami (HRC) is an independent collection of medical students, residents, and attending physicians who dedicate their time and ability to help asylum seekers and refugees obtain legal residence and find care in the United States. We volunteer our services as clinical evaluators of human rights abuse to provide an objective evidence base for the courts. We conduct research to advance the academy’s understanding of how to best help our marginalized patient population. We connect patients to specialized care that serves their unique needs.

Our Services

  • Medical Evaluations

    Medical Evaluations

    Our clinic provides medical evaluations for asylum seekers referred to us by our legal partners. The main goal of these medical evaluations is to provide picture of an individual's overall health and document instances of human rights abuse. Evidence collected during these evaluations is translated to a an affidavit, a medical-legal document that can be used in the courts to support their claim for asylum.
  • Training Future Human Rights Physicians

    Training Future Human Rights Physicians

    In addition to serving our population, our clinic seeks to train medical professionals - including medical students, residents, and physicians - to become leaders in the human rights field. By continuously training professionals in evaluating asylum seekers, we hope to create a sustainable model for training a workforce to meet the needs of our unique population.
  • Care Referrals

    Care Referrals

    In order to maintain our role as impartial witnesses of human rights abuse in the courts, we do not provide direct medical or psychological care to our clients. Our services are restricted to an interview and physical/psychological exam that will result in a medical affidavit for the client that he/she may use as part of his/her case. However, we are currently in the process of developing a process for referring our clients to local clinics and free resources to meet their health needs.
  • Research


    In addition to our mission to serve our population, we are actively engaged in research to continuously improve the services that we provide. We are always looking to work with interested partners on improving knowledge on the health and needs of our population.